Young Lady Posts Viral Aftermath Video Of Man Approaching Her In Parking Lot

A video of a supposedly gorgeous lady shouting about a man "approaching" her in a parking lot has gone viral, despite the fact that she admits the man never went any closer to her than 30 feet.

The woman held up her hand for confirmation as she claimed the interaction "went great," citing an unnamed book she had read, but left her shaken.

Before adding that her son was also with her, the woman said that a man "approached her" in a parking lot when she was alone herself. Although she provided little specifics and it is unclear where the incident occurred, it is daytime and other automobiles can be seen in the parking lot. She claimed the man said, "Excuse me, miss," to her from a distance of 30 feet.

Then she went on the attack, saying that was all it took for her to turn around and yell, "Do not approach me!”

She continued, "I kept repeating, 'Do not approach me. Do not! '”

Even though parking lots can be particularly unsafe for women, she made no move to suggest that the man might be a danger to her. She even admitted that when she called out, he gave way right away. She kept talking to him and treating him like a clear and present danger.

Now that she had the opportunity of seeing the man, she might have had a good reason for reacting the way she did, but she didn't explain it. The man might have wanted to tell her that she dropped something, for all we know. But, she claimed that he grew impatient with the woman's aggressiveness and started shouting, "What's your problem? ”

She says it again, "He didn't come anywhere near me," and describes the careful measures the man took to stay away from her as she rants about warning him to stay away.

She ends the video, which has received over 3 million views, by advising women to "never" allow a male to approach them in a parking lot and to rebuke any such offender using their "strongest voice."

All the turmoil makes me think of a recent Twitch influencer video when Jessica Fernandez tried to defame a man who was merely attempting to assist her at the gym. Fernandez interrupts her clearly tough workout to complain about "weirdos" and men "staring" at her. She also lashes out at a man who inquired if she needed help after spotting her straining to hang weights from a bar.

On this one, the conversation on Twitter took several different turns:

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