WSJ Editorial Goes Viral As It Advises Joe Biden Not To Run Again

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 04/23/2023
President Joe Biden is being urged by a Wall Street Journal editorial to not seek for reelection in 2024 because, among other reasons, he is too elderly. 

"The public understands what Mr. Biden apparently won't admit: that electing an octogenarian in obvious decline for another four years could be a historic mistake," the Journal said in an editorial posted Friday night.  

Next week, President Biden is anticipated to launch his re-election bid. Biden's health is clearly deteriorating, according to the editorial board: "But his decline is clear to anyone who isn't willfully blind," they wrote. 

Additionally, they noted that Biden's second term would not be completed and that Vice President Kamala Harris would not be a suitable successor.

Although various individuals age at different rates, Mr. Biden is at a high risk of experiencing a rapid deterioration. It's far from certain that he would be able to complete a second term, they wrote.

"However, the strongest justification for not running is for the nation's patriotic benefit. Every week, the globe becomes more perilous, and the United States is up against more powerful foes than at any point since the Cold War's height. To face and defeat them, more than just a figurehead President will be required.

The editorial concluded, "The United States needs a better presidential choice in 2024 than a rematch of Joe Biden vs. Donald Trump at this time of great economic and strategic challenge."

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