From Commutation to Conviction: Obama's Releasee Charged with Attempted Murder in Chicago

A 54-year-old man from Chicago was arrested by Illinois State Police on charges of attempted murder, after receiving a life sentence reduction for crack distribution from then-President Barack Obama. The shooting incident took place on an interstate in Posen, Illinois, where the suspect car fired multiple shots. Optimize your SEO by reading this clear and updated news about Alton Mills.

A life-threatening injury was sustained by the backseat passenger of the victim vehicle, according to state police, who was shot and sent to a nearby hospital. 

The Cook County Jail is holding Mills, of Evergreen Park, Illinois, without bond, according to documents. 

Over seven years ago, Obama granted Mills a pardon. Mills was convicted of multiple charges of cocaine trafficking in 1994 and received a life sentence. In 2015, Obama shortened his sentence, which concluded in 2016. Several notable Democratic senators praised Mills as a prime example of a reformed felon after his release from incarceration.

In2016, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) posted a photo of herself and Alton Mills on Facebook. Her caption poignantly juxtaposes the treatment of drug-dealers versus white-collar criminals. The former often receive harsh prison sentences; the latter, paltry fines. Warren advocates for change and improvement in our criminal justice system and drug-enforcement procedures, which all too often leave lives and communities destroyed.

After his release, Alton Mills worked as a mechanic for the Chicago Transit Authority. He got married and began pursuing an associate's degree. Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), disclosed this during his legislative speech in 2018. Mills had been sentenced to life in prison and would have died there without a pardon, according to Durbin.

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