Conservative Podcaster Steve Bannon Swatted During Broadcast - AGAIN!

During a Thursday broadcast of his program Bannon's War Room, Steve Bannon allegedly received a swatting at his home studio.

An interview with Rep. Nancy Mace, who joined the program live to discuss bank data belonging to President Joe Biden and his family, took place immediately after the incident. A scuffling sound can be heard in the background towards the conclusion of the interview, just before Bannon enters the commercial break. Bannon believed this to be his production crew. Later, during the program, he spoke about the event.

Bannon said in a later scene, "We were swatted in the midst of the play while I was in the C block in the first hour. I ask my crew, "Hey, can you shut up? I need to focus right now. In fact, we're being swatted.


This is not the first time Bannon's program and home studio have been swatted, a crime that involves making a false 911 call in order to bring a lot of police attention to a certain area.

The criminals, and they are criminals, who keep SWAT-ing us must realize that the police are aware of them and looking into it. What they're attempting to do to the SWATs is induce police suicide. They want to make sure that something happens in this situation—that one of the police officers becomes alarmed by what is happening and actually begins firing—and that something does happen. The DC Metro and the locals in this area are aware of these, according to Bannon.

According to Bannon, such swatting efforts seek to silence his voice and similar ones.

Because they are afraid of this public, they are criminals. They are aware this is ascendant. And that's what they're going to attempt to do—take any voice, whether it be Steve Bannon of the War Room, Tucker Carlson, or Donald Trump—and try to silence it. They are aware that an educated electorate is one that will demand the governed's permission. And the people in power now oppose this, Bannon stated, whether it is probes on the southern border of the nation or other topics.

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