Rep. Cori Bush Drafts Proposal To Pay Black Americans With Slavery Ancestry - Millions!!

Check this out: Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) just put forward a $14 trillion reparations movement for black people whose ancestors were enslaved. And get this - it's all happening as states and cities across the US are also thinking about offering reparations to black residents. In fact, California just came up with a $800 billion proposal. 

As per a draft obtained by the Washington Post, Bush's resolution would affirm that the United States "is morally and legally obligated to make amends for the enslavement of Africans and the enduring trauma inflicted on millions of Black Americans."

"H.R. 40 will establish a government framework that promotes the recovery of national balance and unity in key areas such as wealth, healthcare, education, housing, and the criminal justice system," Bush explained at a press conference outside the Capitol. 
She added that passing H.R. 40 will spark a movement towards a long-overdue national reckoning and help bridge racial divides, bringing us closer to a more just and equal society.

"Reparations are about respect, reconciliation, and healing. They offer hope that one day, Americans of all backgrounds can walk together toward a more just future," said the speaker. Congress has the potential to start a movement toward the national reckoning we need to heal the racial divide.

Representative Barbara Lee (D-CA) proudly joined the announcement and expressed her support for Bush's resolution on Twitter. Lee wrote that reparations are not just about repairing damages, they're the key to achieving equity and justice. She explained that reparations also imply dismantling the systems that have kept people marginalized for centuries.

The proposed plan is based on a resolution sponsored by Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) in the last Congress. It aimed to establish a panel to assess reparations for African Americans. However, the proposal did not receive a vote in the entire house. Bush's idea is unlikely to pass with Republicans in control of the lower chamber.

Following the adoption of a reparations proposal in California, calls for federal reparations have intensified. The $800 billion proposal, backed by Lee, is under consideration by the Golden State assembly. At a recent task force meeting, Lee emphasized the importance of reparations and stated that they are not a luxury, but a human right that is long overdue for millions of Americans.

The unspeakable atrocities towards black Americans are indisputable, and reparations offer a tangible path towards acknowledging and making amends for the systemic racism and economic devastation resulting from slavery. It's time for us to rectify the damage that has been done.

The fate of California's reparation proposal remains uncertain as the state grapples with a massive $31.5 billion budget shortfall. Cuts to numerous programs appear inevitable in the near- and long-term. Although Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA) did not comment much earlier, he recently stated that the task force's objective was to confront the enduring legacy of slavery, emphasizing that it encompassed more than issuing monetary reparations.

Although the California plan remains in development, the proposal from San Francisco city seems more feasible.
This proposal includes a payment of $5 million alongside bonuses such as tax and debt relief, a minimum yearly income of $97,000 guaranteed for 250 years, and municipal houses offered at just $1 per family. The final report from the reparations committee in San Francisco will be delivered in June.


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