Atlanta Man Charged With Murder, Four Counts of Aggravated Assault During Wednesday Chaos

According to the Fulton County Jail's records, the Atlanta shooting suspect is accused with one count of murder and four charges of aggravated assault. The shooting on Wednesday at a medical facility in Atlanta's Midtown neighbourhood left one lady dead and four others injured.

Deion Patterson declined to appear in court on Thursday. He allegedly started shooting on Wednesday in the waiting area of a medical office. During the lengthy pursuit, employees and others in the busy business sector sought refuge.

Just after noon, law enforcement swarmed the area in search of the shooter. Just northwest of Atlanta, in Cobb County, authorities apprehended the 24-year-old suspect.

Charles Hampton Jr., the deputy chief of the Atlanta Police Department, refused to comment on the probe's specifics or a potential motivation, stating, "Why he did what he did, all of that is still under investigation."

Police claimed at a press conference on Wednesday night that the suspect had an appointment at a Northside Medical facility and started shooting immediately after arriving. The incident lasted for around two minutes. After that, the suspect entered a Shell gas station and stole an unattended, running pickup vehicle, according to the cops.


At the site of the incident, a 39-year-old woman was identified as deceased, according to Atlanta Police Chief Darin Schierbaum.

Amy St. Pierre was named by the Fulton County Medical Examiner's office. The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention verified that St. Pierre had a job there.

The untimely death of a colleague in today's shooting in Midtown Atlanta has left the CDC "deeply saddened," according to spokesman Benjamin Haynes. "As they remember her and lament this tragic loss, our hearts are with her family, friends, and coworkers," the statement reads.

The suspect's mother expressed sympathy to the victims in an interview with CBS Atlanta station WANF and said her son had a mental disorder.

"He doesn't know," said Minyone Patterson. "At the moment, he is unaware. Please. When we state that this mental disease is genuine, we mean that it is real from a medical perspective. And when someone asks for assistance or when you see that they are behaving strangely, they need assistance. Don't ignore them, but do assist them. They need assistance, and despite my efforts to fight for my kid, he was turned away.

Dr. Robert Jansen, chief medical officer of Grady Health System, informed reporters that the four injured ladies, ages 25, 39, 56, and 71, were still in the hospital on Thursday with two in critical condition and two in stable condition.

None of the patients were named by Jansen. They were listed as Jazzmin Daniel, Lisa Glynn, Alesha Hollinger, and Georgette Whitlow in arrest warrants. Jazzmin Daniel was shot in the abdomen; Lisa Glynn was wounded in the belly; and Georgette Whitlow was shot in the arm.

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