Ron DeSantis Finally Joins Donald Trump In Possible Pardons for Capitol Hill Protesters

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.), a newly-nominated Republican presidential contender, said that if elected, he could pardon all who participated in the January 6 Capitol Hill protesters, including his 2024 opponent, former President Trump. 

DeSantis stated that on one of his potential first days in office, he would put together a committee to evaluate cases and pardon anyone he believed had been unfairly singled out by Democrats for use as weapons. The governor said that organizations under Biden's control had unfairly prosecuted conservatives. 

The Republican declared, "We will exercise the pardon power—and I will do that at the front end. The FBI and DOJ have become weapons. That is evident. Different circumstances, some of which you described, are where we observe it. A portion of it involves the FBI harassing parents who attend school board meetings. Some of it has to do with how they treat pro-life protesters and how they don't go after those who assault them. So what I'm going to do is have people gather on the first day and examine all of these examples, which involve people who were the targets of political targeting or weaponization. We'll move swiftly to grant pardons.

DeSantis acknowledged that some of them, including Trump, could have broken the law. 

However, he implied that part of his strategy was for the previous president to declare that "any example of disfavored treatment based on politics or weaponization would be included in that review, no matter how small or big."

DeSantis stated that each case would be handled separately and that they would look at instances in which the government has been used as a weapon against marginalized communities.

Trump promised to also commute the sentences of a "large portion" of those found guilty of federal offences related to their participation in the Capitol demonstrations. 

Trump responded, "I can't say for every single one because I think a handful of them went out of control. Vivek Ramaswamy and other Republican presidential hopefuls likewise stated that if elected, they would grant pardons on their first day in office. 

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