Author E. Jean Carroll Seeks Hefty Damages from Donald Trump in Wake of New Verbal Statements Against Her

After a jury found Donald Trump responsible for sexual abuse and defamation, writer E. Jean Carroll requested a court impose "very substantial" new damages for his verbal attacks on her.

"Trump's defamatory statements post-verdict show the depth of his malice toward Carroll," the plaintiff's attorneys wrote in their brief. It is difficult to think of any defamatory behaviour that is driven by hatred, ill will, or spite, they continued.

Trump said Carroll was a "whack job" who made up a tale during a CNN town hall a day after a jury this month awarded him $5 million in damages for sex abuse and slander. He also branded the trial a "rigged deal."

Trump has appealed both the judgment against him for $5 million and the verdict.

"This conduct supports a very substantial punitive damages award in Carroll's favour," Carroll's attorneys wrote in the most recent filing, "both to punish Trump, to deter him from engaging in further defamation, and to deter others from doing the same."

It did not specify a dollar figure for damages. The most recent filing was submitted in connection with a defamation complaint that is currently unresolved.

Under a 2022 New York legislation that offered victims a one-year window in which to sue their alleged abusers, Carroll filed a second case against Trump last year.

This was the case that was tried, and on May 9 a jury found that there had been sexual abuse and defamation.

It all began with a 1996 event. Shortly after the two met and struck up a conversation at Bergdorf-Goodman, Carroll accused Trump of raping her.

Carroll claimed that she kept quiet for more than 20 years out of concern for Trump and his influential allies' vengeance. She claimed that the Me Too campaign against sexual harassment and assault inspired her decision to go public in 2019.

Trump, who did testify during the trial, asserted that Carroll's allegations were politically motivated and that he had never met her.

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