Former Trump Fundraiser Claims Florida Governor Will Force Him Out of 2024 Presidential Race

During a recent episode of the Jesse Watters show on Fox News, a guest predicted that former President Donald Trump would soon withdraw from the Republican primary soon after it commences. The statement elicited a bout of uncontrollable chuckles from Watters.

During an interview with Watters, Dan Eberhart, a former Trump fundraiser and current DeSantis supporter, claimed Florida's governor will force Trump out of the race "shortly" after the New Hampshire primary. When asked if DeSantis aims to exceed Trump's positions on culture and policy, Eberhart agreed.

Eberhart replied, "I would say the move is to stay to the right of Donald Trump and be a consistent conservative, and to have the coattails that Ron DeSantis had in November of '22 and carry that message." As soon as Republican primary voters in Iowa and New Hampshire understand that Ron DeSantis is competitive, they will unite behind him. There is no melting Donald Trump's 55% approval rating. And we're simply going to sit here and watch it evaporate over the next nine months on your program and the other Fox shows."


For example: "Please define 'viable' for me in Iowa and New Hampshire." Insisting, Watters. Is it possible that Trump would sweep those two early states and eliminate Ron? Do we just need him to win one of them, though?

"I don't think Trump wins either of those states," Eberhart said. In my opinion, Trump will drop out of the campaign not long after Ron DeSantis goes for the kill in Iowa and New Hampshire. Expect the unexpected from Governor DeSantis.

The host burst out laughing.

With all due respect, "that's a bold prediction, Dan," he added.

"Yeah, well, fair enough," the visitor said in response. But look, it's been seven years since Trump had to face primary voters. When given the choice between Governor DeSantis' record and Trump's actions over the past two or three years, I believe they will all choose with DeSantis, Jesse.

Watters concluded the interview by saying, "Well, we'll see how that shakes out." "I don't know if Trump is going to drop out if he loses those two early states."

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