Debt Agreement Passage Could Trigger Immediate Effort to Remove Republican Speaker, Warns Florida Rep

According to Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.), the passage of a debt agreement without a Republican majority in the House would lead to an "immediate" effort to remove Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.). Gaetz said, "If Democrats are used to pass legislation that a majority of Republicans oppose, it would constitute a black letter violation of our deal with McCarthy to allow his ascension to Speakership. It would likely trigger a motion to resign."

"I think Speaker McCarthy knows that," he continued. He is working hard to ensure that he receives 120, 150, or 160 votes because of this. And because of this, those of us who oppose the measure are attempting to emphasize how mostly cosmetic many of the improvements are.

Out of the 222 members of the Republican conference, at least 25 House Republicans, including Gaetz, have stated they would not support the agreement reached by McCarthy and President Biden to increase the debt ceiling.

Without an agreement in place, the Florida Republican stated on Friday that he saw "no serious threat" to McCarthy's Speakership and anticipated the plan would pass with "about 80 to 100 Democratic votes and between 140 and 160 Republican votes."

Gaetz said last week on Twitter that "pretty much nobody except the press is talking about removing McCarthy right now."

Gaetz was one of 20 staunch conservatives who delayed McCarthy's Speakership election in January, eventually winning a deal to reduce the need to force a vote on the Speaker's ouster to just one member.

Even yet, McCarthy asserted on Sunday that he was "not at all" anxious about losing his leadership position, despite some conservative criticism of his agreement with Biden.

The first Republican to explicitly endorse the Speaker's removal over the debt ceiling compromise was Rep. Dan Bishop (R-N.C.), although he did not make a formal commitment to file a petition to vacate, stating he would "decide that in conjunction with others."

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