2024 Dem Presidential Candidate RFK JR Condemns Attack On Russian Kremlin | WH Still Silent

On Thursday, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. condemned the drone strike on the Kremlin, which Moscow has attributed to the United States. The Democrat running against Joe Biden for the presidency also recalled how his uncle contributed to averting nuclear war with the USSR.

"Consider how we would react if troops supported by Russia carried out a drone attack on the Capitol. These insane efforts to intensify the conflict must cease, Kennedy tweeted.

President John Kennedy issued a warning against ever again making Russia choose between nuclear war and humiliation after the Cuban Missile Crisis was successfully resolved. We need to take his counsel," he continued. 

The 1962 standoff came dangerously close to sparking an atomic-armed shooting conflict between the US and the USSR. Kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev, the leader of the Soviet Union, came to an agreement to remove US missiles from Turkey and Soviet nuclear weapons from Cuba, which put an end to the crisis.

As the nephew of President Kennedy and the son of his brother Robert, RFK Jr. declared his run for president last month, in part capitalizing on his family name. In an interview that was released on Wednesday, he explained his views on US-Russia ties and said that Washington has consistently lied to Moscow and disregarded its "red lines."

Kennedy denounced the Russian "invasion" and said that his own son had offered to fight for Kiev while accusing the US elite of sacrificing hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian lives in a proxy war against Russia. In order to "put yourself in the other guy's shoes," as JFK did during the Cuban Missile Crisis, Washington needs a leader.

When two drones attempted to attack the house of the Russian president early on Wednesday, Russian air defences stopped them. There were no injuries in the event, and President Vladimir Putin was elsewhere. Kiev has categorically rejected any responsibility.

According to the Kremlin, the act was an attempted assassination, and Russia retained the right to respond against the offenders whenever and whenever it saw fit. On Thursday, Dmitry Peskov, the president's spokesperson, called Kiev's denials "laughable" and said that other governments were the real offenders. 

Peskov told reporters, "We know full well that decisions to commit out such terrorist operations are decided not in Kiev but in Washington.

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