Motorist Purposely Mows Down Pedestrians In Front Of Migrant Shelter; Has Been Arrested

According to Brownsville police, seven individuals died early on Sunday, and it seems that a driver purposely ran them over. NOTE: Homeland Secretary Alexandro Mayorkas was recently in Brownsville late last week speaking on the end of Title 42.

The incident took place about 8:30 a.m. in front of the Ozanam Centre, a refuge for migrants and the destitute, close to Minnesota Road and North Bernal Road. According to Lt. Martin Sandoval, four to six more casualties were transferred to local hospitals while seven people passed away at the spot.

The motorist was detained and charged with careless driving, according to Sandoval. There will probably be additional charges, according to Sandoval. It seems like a planned act, he said, more and more.


Several victims were covered on the road, according to a lady who was driving by the scene, and an additional victim was being loaded into an ambulance. She also saw a number of women around praying.

According to Sandoval, the area will remain off-limits to all traffic for a number of more hours, and police are requesting that vehicles find other routes.

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