Not Again! NBA Superstar Once Again Brandishes Firearm Publicly After Being Suspended For Same Action Earlier

Ja Morant's actions have once again caught the interest of fans since the start of the NBA summer. As we are all aware, the star of the Memphis Grizzlies was forced to seek counselling and make amends after a string of violent and gun-related incidents began to mount against him.

Morant even had his suspension lifted during his treatment, and when he returned, he insisted that he had changed. A popular video, however, appears to be showing the reverse. Let's take a closer look at it and see what the fans think of this most recent occurrence.

One may argue that as Morant continues to act in this way, it gets difficult for his supporters to continue supporting him. He appeared on an Instagram live story. Ja was seen in the video enjoying some music while driving. But at one point, we saw that man was holding what appeared to be a rifle.

Fans aren't happy with his predicament because it's the same issue that they've already called him out on, yelling "Suspend this thug immediately!!!" Fan responses included "He's going to end up ruining his life one day" and "He's going to end up ruining his life one day."

People have also noted that this video will quickly become viral and dominate the headlines. They would undoubtedly be correct given Morant's current notoriety. Even if the majority of fans criticized Morant, it would be interesting to know that some supporters stood up for him.

The way Morant's supporters did this was by asserting that it was legal for him to have a gun on him at all times and to have it in his car. Ja hasn't used a gun in any criminal ways thus far because it's permitted in the US for people to defend themselves. Others further noted that the person who leaked the video was merely clout-hunting and doing it for publicity.

Ja is a superstar in the NBA, thus it is quite improbable that his career is in jeopardy. Unless he actually does it and murders or gravely harms someone. He should still consider his reputation, though, and keep these activities hidden from the public.

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