Rosie O'Donnell Empowers Daughter to Embrace Both Gender and Interests

During the May 9th edition of Mayim Bialik's mental health podcast, "Bialik Breakdown," Rosie O'Donnell spoke on gender identity. She elegantly described how she educated her daughter that it is possible to enjoy activities traditionally associated with boys while still identifying as a female. Rosie reminisced on her own childhood by referring to herself as a "tomboy" who cherished her feminine identity.

O'Donnell reacted when her child revealed that their stuffed animals identified as "non-binary" - neither male nor female. Her response was positive. "That's great," she said, fondly recalling how she was referred to as a tomboy when younger because of her love for traditionally masculine activities. "Funny thing is, I still enjoy those activities today, like riding motorcycles and watching football. Gender doesn't define our interests, and that's okay." She "never was confused" about whether she was a male or a girl, O'Donnell continued.

During the conversation, O'Donnell confidently expressed, "I have never once doubted my gender identity - being a guy or a girl has always been crystal clear to me." O'Donnell also encouraged others, saying that everyone should feel free to explore their own gender identity and embrace whatever feels genuine and authentic to them.

For the past 25 years, Rosie has opened her heart and home to five adopted children, nurturing them as a foster and adoptive mother. Her youngest is now nine and she couldn't be prouder. Rosie is a passionate and active member of the Democratic Party, generously donating thousands of dollars to support candidates who align with her values. Even in 2018, some of her gifts exceeded the allowable amount. Her illustrious career spans comedy and television and is only matched by her well-known, protracted quarrel with Donald Trump.

Opponents of gender ideology worry that girls who, in earlier generations, may have been seen as "tomboys," are now considered transgender. Critics claim that these girls are pressured into getting genital and chest surgery, after taking cross-sex hormones as teenagers and puberty blockers as preteens.
Meanwhile, parents of transgender children sometimes highlight their kids' inclination towards activities typically associated with the opposite gender as evidence of their trans identity.
A woman who testified against a Louisiana law prohibiting minors from undergoing gender-affirming medical procedures claimed her 18-month-old daughter identified as a boy because she preferred to play with "boy toys."

The mother of a 10-year-old girl claimed to have been discussing puberty-delaying medications. However, over the past few years, hundreds of teenage girls as young as 12 have opted for double mastectomies to remove healthy breasts. Additionally, an increasing number of youth are identifying as transgender, with an estimated 300,000 kids between 13 and 17 years old identifying as such in the past year.


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