Teenage Social Media Prank Goes Tragically Wrong on LA Bridge

According to authorities, a male teenager died on Saturday while filming a social media prank on the Los Angeles 6th Street bridge.

During a board meeting on Tuesday, an adolescent, who remains unnamed, fell while climbing one of the arches to make a social media post, as per Los Angeles Police Chief, Michel Moore.
Sadly, Moore commented, "This location has tragically served as a backdrop for incidents like this, but it has also instilled a great sense of pride in Los Angeles."

Moore omitted to specify which social media site the adolescent was accessing.


Despite the cops' claims, the boy's father vehemently denied that his kid was trying to post anything while carrying his phone.
According to an ABC7 report, the boy's father explained that his son wasn't even interested in social media, emphasizing that "he didn't care about it at all."

According to the Associated Press, when police discovered the youngster at approximately two in the morning on the 6th Street overpass, he had already been declared dead.

The $588 million bridge was inaugurated in July but has since been shut down many times due to vandalism and pranks on the streets. According to the Los Angeles Times, it has become infamous for hosting illegal drag races and street takeovers.

Some TikTokers have uploaded videos of themselves scaling the bridge's red and blue-lit arches, which serve as the structure's defining feature.

According to Tom Carroll of the Times, the bridge's original blueprints called for guardrails and steps on its arches. However, according to Caroll, that plan was ultimately abandoned.

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