Texas AG Assures Public He's Looking Into Gender Transitioning Treatments By Texas Medical Facility

Ken Paxton, the Republican attorney general of Texas, is looking into "gender transitioning" treatments performed on youngsters at the Dell youngsters's Medical Centre. 

It is really troubling, and Texas is not the place for it. Accordingly, there have been many recent complaints regarding allegedly criminal conduct at Dell Children's Medical Centre, and our inquiry tries to ascertain the truth, according to Attorney General Ken Paxton.

The study is the most recent effort by Republicans to look into facilities that treat kids for sex changes, sometimes known as "gender-affirming" procedures.

Paxton told the media: "countless heartbreaking stories of young children who were persuaded to undergo experimental, life-altering procedures and are now filled with regret and health challenges. It cannot go on like that, it is a complete catastrophe."

Following a Project Veritas exposé that seemed to indicate the Dell Children's Medical Centre admitting to having youngsters "starting as young as eight, nine" who undergo gender-transitioning treatment, Paxton filed a lawsuit. 

"It is up to the prescriber's judgment whether to provide [puberty blockers. And simply to see, they may only need a couple of visits, the Dell Children's Centre social worker told a Project Veritas reporter undercover. "After one, it could be suitable. We don't want to gate-keep it in any way.

Following publication, a Dell Children's Medical Centre representative informed Fox News Digital that the hospital is "conducting a thorough review of this situation."

Texas Republicans Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, issued a letter to the Dell Children's Centre after reading the story, demanding information on the hospital's finances and "gender dysphoria" treatments. 

"We, along with millions of Texans, find it deeply concerning that DCMC is providing experimental, unproven, and dangerous medical procedures to young children," the letter said. DCMC should work to assist young Texans in accepting the reality about their bodies rather than trying the impossible and irreparably harming children—either via chemical experiments or the removal of perfectly healthy organs.

While some governments have advanced gender transition practices, others have gone the other way. The purpose of Senate Bill 5599 in the state of Washington is to "remove barriers to accessing temporary, licensed shelter accommodations for youth" and to "provide protected health services." The House Bill 2002 in Oregon calls for insurance coverage for "any combination of gender-affirming treatment procedures."

Additionally, the American Civil Liberties Union has referred to Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's efforts to expand limitations on gender-transitioning treatments as a part of the "ongoing fight to erase transgender people from public life."

"We cannot allow 'transgender' activists who support left-wing ideology over children's long-term health to indoctrinate our children," Paxton stated.

The Dell Children's Medical Centre supplied Fox News Digital with the following statement in response to their request for comment: 

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