Trump Team Responds To Remaining Sunshine State Lawmakers Mass Endorsement Of DeSantis

Former President Donald Trump appears unhappy about the endorsement of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis by Sunshine State lawmakers, despite the latter's growing popularity and political alignment with Trump. This development creates a quandary for Trump, particularly in light of his potential 2024 Presidential run, and could foreshadow future tensions between the two Republicans.

By Wednesday, 99 of the 113 members aligned with the Republican party in the Florida legislature had pledged their support for DeSantis and his expected candidacy for the GOP presidential nomination. This group consists of notable figures like Senate President Kathleen Passidomo and House Speaker Paul Renner.

According to a statement released by the Trump campaign's spokesman, Steven Cheung, the significant support for DeSantis in Trump's home state and his own, is attributed to coerced voters rather than genuine preference:

It’s no surprise that Ron DeSantis and his political cronies have continued to terrorize the Florida legislature with the threat of his veto pen if they don’t acquiesce to his demand to endorse his candidacy. There are some brave legislators who have stood up to DeSantis’ Swamp-like behavior and resisted his intimidation tactics in order to do what is right for Florida and the country. Those who he can’t control — including almost the entirety of the Florida federal congressional delegation — have endorsed President Trump because he’s the only candidate who can beat Joe Biden and take back the White House.

Cheung did not specify which Republican legislation was targeted by DeSantis, as part of his terrorizing scheme against the legislature. In the 2020 presidential election, Trump lost the popular vote by over 7 million ballots, and was defeated by Biden with an Electoral College vote of 306-232.

In the past week, a number of GOP officials in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Florida have endorsed DeSantis's team. While contenders like Nikki Haley and Vivek Ramaswamy have already recognized his candidacy, it is Trump who persists most notably in recognizing him as a participant in the upcoming contest. DeSantis is expected to make an official announcement declaring his candidacy later this month.

While DeSantis currently lags behind Trump, surveys of Republican primary voters confirm that he leads the pack among all other declared and potential candidates.

Rising polls and endorsements show that DeSantis may be the strongest GOP candidate for the 2022 election. It will be interesting to see how his candidacy develops as we approach the elections. Now it's time for readers to respond: What do you think about DeSantis running? Which other Republican candidates do you think could give him a run for his money? Let us know in the comments below! 

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