Enraged 21-Year-Old Causes Chaos in Apartment, Terrifies Family

In a disturbing incident on October 21, 2022, Chamblee police officers were dispatched to an apartment complex in Atlanta, Georgia, following a report of a volatile situation. The officers arrived to find an enraged 21-year-old individual causing havoc inside the apartment, terrifying his mother and sister. According to witnesses, the young adult had demanded money from his mother, and when she refused, he flew into a fit of anger.

He began hurling objects around the apartment, knocking over cans of white paint and leaving a chaotic scene in his wake. In a desperate attempt to escape the tense situation, the young adult phoned a friend for a ride.

However, as he made his way to the parking lot, law enforcement officers intercepted him. Sensing the need to maintain control and ensure the safety of all involved, the officers cautiously approached the agitated individual. As the officers approached, they instructed the young adult to remove his hands from his pockets. However, he defiantly refused to comply and quickly escalated the confrontation by launching an assault on the officers.

A struggle ensued, prompting the use of a Taser to subdue and bring the individual under control. Following the altercation, the 21-year-old suspect was taken into custody and transported to the DeKalb County jail.

He now faces a range of charges, including criminal trespass, property damage, obstruction , and assault.

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