Ukraine President Pushes for Full NATO Membership: We're Not Interested In Any Other Option

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  • 06/04/2023
Ukraine President Vladimir Zelensky stated on Friday that his country can only feel safe if it becomes a full member of NATO. In Kiev, Zelensky told reporters, "We are not searching for an alternative for NATO, and it is absolutely important that our allies hear us." He had just met with Estonian President Alar Karis. That's why there are so many high-level discussions. There is no other option that we are considering.

Zelensky believes that the alliance's current commitment to support each other is the best way to ensure the safety of Ukraine. In referring to Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty, which states that an assault on one member is an attack on all, he underscores this belief. 
Nonetheless, despite his desire for Ukraine to join NATO, he recognizes that the ongoing conflict with Russia makes that prospect unlikely for the time being. He notes that it’s not a lack of desire, but rather the unfortunate reality of the situation.

French President, Emmanuel Macron recently hinted that Kiev might receive concrete security guarantees without officially joining NATO. Ukrainian President, Zelensky responded by stating that clear guarantees or a route to membership must be offered by NATO, or he would abstain from attending the NATO summit in Lithuania this July.
In September, 2022, Ukraine filed an application to join the Western alliance after the military campaign against them by Russia. It is important to note that Russia considers NATO's eastward expansion as a threat to its national security. In February 2022, Russia initiated military action against Ukraine partly due to support offered to Ukraine by some NATO countries. Russian officials have now declared that Ukraine's neutrality is an essential prerequisite for stable peace in the region.


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