House of Representatives Censures Adam Schiff in Close 213-209 Vote

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 06/22/2023
After failing to do so in a previous vote, the House of Representatives finally censured California Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff on Wednesday.

By a razor-thin vote of 213-209, the lower chamber censured the California lawmaker. The proposal was made by Florida GOP Rep. Anna Paulina Luna, who cited Schiff's outspoken defence of the now-completely discredited Trump-Russia conspiracy theory.

Following the vote, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy declared, "The House has resolved that the House of Representatives censures Adam Schiff, representative of the 30th congressional district of California, for misleading the American public and for conduct unbecoming of an elected member of the House of Representatives." 

Further investigation into Schiff's "falsehoods, misrepresentations, and abuse of sensitive information" will be referred to the House Ethics Committee, he added.

In a report earlier this year, Special Counsel John Durham noted that there was no predicating evidence when the FBI began looking into the 2016 Trump campaign, and that top intelligence officials were aware of a plan by the Clinton campaign to fabricate ties between Trump and Moscow before the election. However, Schiff has maintained his allegations of collusion.

Prior to its defeat in the chamber, Luna proposed a censure resolution that could have resulted in the lawmaker paying a sizable fine. Twenty Republicans joined Democrats to oppose the measure, citing constitutional issues as their justification.

Due to Schiff's comments on the subject earlier this year, McCarthy disallowed him from joining the House Intelligence Committee.

"Schiff has deceived the American people far too frequently. McCarthy declared in January that he should not be on Intel. During the previous Congress, Schiff presided over the committee.

The most recent lawmaker to receive that reprimand from the lower chamber was Arizona GOP Rep. Paul Gosar, who did so just before Schiff received his censure. Gosar had uploaded a promotional video that featured the opening scene of the well-known anime series "Attack on Titan," in which he overlaid his own face over that of the protagonist Eren Yaeger, who ruthlessly massacres enemies with the faces of Gosar's political rivals.

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