"Banana Republic" Nation: Majority of American Voters Agree

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 06/19/2023
The majority of American voters concur that the term "banana republic" best captures the current state of the nation. A "banana republic" is a typically smaller country that relies on the economy of larger countries buying one of its products.

Bananas are sometimes that product. Minerals are sometimes involved. Colombia's narcotics make you move quickly like the caffeine in their coffee, whereas El Salvador's are crazy.

Because our economy is not based primarily on one product, America does not resemble a banana republic. They're not utilizing the definition for that reason.

Instead, they act in this manner because the administrations of these smaller nations are frequently highly corrupt. Although it's not always the case, the rulers of these banana republics frequently misuse their authority to further their own interests.

A leader is probably in command of a banana republic if their main objective is to punish their rivals rather than truly govern.

except in the case of Joe Biden. He is converting the world's best nation into a banana republic.

It's unlikely to be of any assistance to Biden either. Perhaps in other nations unscrupulous presidents can get away with things like solely prosecuting the opposition, but such nations are not yet America. Hopefully, enough people in our country still uphold the values of truth and freedom to prevent Biden from transforming our government into one resembling Cuba, Panama, or Nicaragua.

All of those politicians have been effective in quashing their opposition and preventing free and fair elections.

Let's avoid adding America to that list.

Republican presidential hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy believes that Donald Trump doesn't require any further assistance to defeat him. Vivek is STILL speaking up for what is real, not simply what he wants, though.

We cannot turn into a banana republic where the ruling party utilizes the police to detain its political rivals. This is an affront to every person. The DOJ's selective prosecution of Trump but not Biden is hypocritical, according to Ramaswamy.

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