Seattle Pride: Street Preacher Gets Heckled and Bible Destroyed at Wild and Diverse Event

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 06/26/2023
During Sunday's Seattle Pride event, a street preacher known as "The Seattle Preacher," Matthew Meinecke, had his Bible destroyed as he read from it aloud. Attendees heckled him and brandished transgender pride flags in his face, as seen on video. The event had a variety of attendees, including furries, naked adults standing in fountains in front of children, and naked men riding bikes.

Jonathan Choe, a journalist from the Discovery Institute, shared a video wherein the attacker can be heard telling Meinecke, who was tearing pages from a Bible, "Have fun doing this at a Pride event when no one wants you to do this." 
Throughout the altercation, you can hear both security and the attacker's friends pleading with the person to desist.

Meinecke was quoted in the Choe video saying "Man, it's religion. You cannot treat me differently because of my religion." Reports claim that he was carrying signs during a Pride event, surrounded by attendees and security personnel.
This is not the first time he has been involved in such protests. He was detained twice in 2022 for attending a Pride event and an anti-abortion rally respectively, as per ChurchLeaders.
As alleged by ChurchLeaders, Meinecke's Bible was desecrated, kicked around and even dumped in a makeshift restroom. Such actions are unacceptable and go against the principles of respect and tolerance that are necessary for a peaceful coexistence.


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