Tragic End for Missing Contact Centre Workers: 8 Bodies Found in 45 Plastic Bags

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 06/08/2023
According to CBS, according to confirmation from Mexican authorities, up to eight contact centre workers who went missing in May had their corpses recovered in 45 plastic bags close to Guadalajara.

Between May 20 and May 22, six men and two women's families reported them missing. The contact centre in question was apparently one of 19, located in Mexico, that the US Department of the Treasury was looking into for potential ties to the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), despite the fact that their families had been led to think that their loved ones worked there.

The Treasury Department stated in a statement on April 27 that "CJNG's deep involvement in timeshare fraud in the Puerto Vallarta area and elsewhere, which frequently targets elderly U.S. citizens and can defraud victims of their life savings, is an important revenue stream supporting the group's overall criminal enterprise."

Although there has been no official explanation for the deaths, a U.S. official who spoke to CBS on the condition of anonymity claimed that it looked the workers were murdered by the cartel because they had attempted to resign from their positions. The U.S. official stated that the "best estimate" was that these teenagers had made up their minds to leave the company and that CJNG was "sending a message to other defectors."

Authorities in Mexico followed a tip to the Mirador del Bosque ravine in Guadalajara, where they discovered several human remains hidden away in 45 plastic bags. According to CBS, a forensic investigation of the remains established that the bodies were those of the missing contact centre workers.

The CJNG is one of the biggest and most deadly drug cartels currently operating in Mexico, according to the Department of Justice.

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