Former President Trump Has Change of Heart Regarding the Term "Woke"

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 06/02/2023
Former President Donald Trump, who has long lamented "woke" culture and voiced several complaints about it, stated during his appearance on the campaign trail in Iowa that he no longer likes the term "woke."

In his remarks at the Westside Conservative Club, Trump said: I dislike the word "woke" since I frequently hear the phrase "woke woke woke." It's merely a phrase they employ, and most people are unaware of what it means.

When asked about current school regulations and assaults on censorship by a recent high school graduate, Trump reacted by endorsing the "Don't Say Gay" legislation proposed by Florida Governor and fellow presidential contender Ron DeSantis.


Trump has used it multiple times to bash business leaders, among other people, including DeSantis, despite his subsequent change of heart on the phrase.

While Trump asserts that the term "woke" may be overused and made useless, DeSantis has chosen to campaign on it, all but declaring war on it, and embracing it as a catch-all phrase for liberal beliefs, practices, and activities.

Trump's shift in thinking may have more to do with his distaste of DeSantis than anything else, and he has obviously moved on to using more sophisticated strategies to distinguish himself from his GOP challenger.

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