Pink's London Concert Paused by Unexpected Fan Gesture: A Bag of Cremated Remains Steals the Spotlight

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  • 06/27/2023
During Pink's London concert, a disruptive fan momentarily halted the performance by hurling a small bag containing cremated remains onto the stage.

During Pink's performance at the British Summer Time festival in London's Hyde Park over the weekend, an incident occurred. A devoted fan threw a bag onto the stage just as Pink was belting out her popular song, "Just Like a Pill".
Approaching the spot where the bag landed, Pink quipped, "Is this your mom?", playfully teasing the fan responsible. Intrigued, she retrieved the bag and examined it carefully, as if searching for answers in its contents.

The singer stood up and moved to the edge of the stage, where she set the bag down, after apparently receiving a positive response to her query. She said, "I don't know how I feel about this," and then she resumed performing.

Page Six reported on Tuesday that the woman who had thrown the ashes had done so because her mother had not been able to travel or get outside much while she was alive, and now that she has passed away, her daughter has made it a habit to take her to places she might have liked.

Pink is not the only performer who has to deal with odd objects being thrown onto the stage during performances; singer Harry Styles recently had a brief conversation with a fan who threw a chicken nugget onto the stage at a concert in Madison Square Garden.

A very interesting approach, I must say. Who was the chicken nugget's thrower? When fans urged Styles to eat meat, he politely declined, responding that he did not.

"You want it returned? Why? Because? Styles continued by throwing the chicken back into the crowd, "All right, there you go. Don't consume it! Oh, it's on the ground now. Don't try to find it. Okay, let's get you another nugget. Do not be alarmed. Before we continue, would anyone else like to dispose of any leftover food?

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