Fox host predicts Trump could beat DeSantis in potential match-up; Negativity is a Strategic Weapon

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 06/02/2023
On Thursday's episode of The Five, Jesse Watters gave a pessimistic evaluation of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis' presidential bid. Donald Trump has taken it personally that DeSantis is putting up a fight for the Republican nomination. Trump has consistently criticized the governor on a range of important and unimportant issues.

The governor has mostly refrained from criticizing Trump, but he has retaliated against some of the jabs the former president has sent his way.

Watters added, "I have to applaud Ron DeSantis' restraint for not counterpunching for six months. He is at last counterpunching, and they are powerful. Although I admire the counterarguments, Donald Trump is wearing him thin. And I'm interested to watch Ron DeSantis' polling results once he began counterpunching.

DeSantis, who has been a lock for second place in the majority of the GOP primary surveys, continues to behind Trump by a significant margin.

Watters said, "It almost feels like Trump swarms you with negativity when he hits you. "And he's hitting you in a place he chooses." He continued by expressing his hope that Trump would not want to "coast" by skipping Republican debates.

Watters said, "But I want to see him take on Ron DeSantis." Because it's so entertaining to watch, I want to see him debate each of these men. Trump, though, cannot coast. This man runs for office with great vigour. "I don't want him to get into this thing where he just says, 'You know, my poll numbers aren't great, I'm not debating,'" he said in conclusion. But he has the ability to completely blast him out of the water if he so chooses.

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