White House Press Secretary: President Biden Among Most Successful Leaders in American History

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 06/19/2023
Speaking to reporters on board Air Force One, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said that President Biden is one of the most successful presidents in American history.

"I mean, look, I believe there are a few things there.  You must agree that the President has accomplished more in the past two years than any other president in history. On Monday, as he was travelling to Palo Alto for a press conference on climate change, Jean-Pierre spoke to reporters.

And so, as we've previously stated, he is pursuing the most ambitious climate change agenda in American history.  He simply preserved the Inflation Reduction Act, which is the President's historic piece of legislation to fight — one of the things that it will do is fight climate change, if you think about the budget negotiation, what the President was able to do, she continued.

Republicans also attempted to repeal that.  During those negotiations, this President made sure we held onto that.

Also brought up was Secretary of State Anthony Blinken's visit to China, where he announced a radical shift in China's stance on Taiwan. "We are against Taiwan's independence. We continue to be opposed to any unilateral changes made by either side to the current situation. We still anticipate a peaceful outcome," Blinken said.

The declaration is a sharp break from President Biden's pledge from a year ago, when he said that the United States would use military force to defend Taiwan.

When questioned about Blinken's trip and the country's position on the island's political situation, Jean-Pierre declined to go into specifics. One reporter on board Air Force One enquired, "Is there any update on when the president could actually meet with President Xi or have a call?"

Therefore, at this time, I have nothing to read out. The president is planning to do that eventually, but I don't have any details or a deadline to give you," Jean-Pierre said.

The reporter followed up, asking, "So are you saying that President Biden has not yet spoken with Secretary Blinken after his meetings?" What I can say is that the National Security Council has kept him informed through regular contact. He'll have a full briefing from him once the secretary lands and returns to the U.S., the White House press secretary said.

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