Justice for Ajike Owens: Suspect Detained nearly a Week after Shooting through Mother's Front Door

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 06/08/2023
A week after fatally shooting her Black neighbour as part of a protracted dispute, a Florida lady was taken into custody.

Nearly a week after shooting Ajike Owens, a mother of four children, through her front door, Susan Louise Lorincz was detained on suspicion of manslaughter with a firearm, culpable negligence, battery, and two counts of assault, according to the Associated Press. Authorities had come under fire for the delay.

The main prosecutor, state attorney William Gladson, stated, "We need as much time and evidence as possible if we are going to construct a case. "I'm not going to interfere with any criminal inquiry, and I don't want to."

Investigators found that the 58-year-old white Lorincz's actions were not justified by Florida's "stand your ground" law, despite her claims that she acted in self-defense and that Owens was attempting to break down her door prior to the shooting.

Sheriff Billy Woods of Marion County stated that "[it was] simply a killing."

The sheriff, who has not yet validated charges made by a civil rights attorney that Lorincz used racial slurs during the altercation, says that Lorincz shouted at Owens' children before the shooting as they played in a neighbouring lot and then tossed a pair of skates that struck one of the kids.

White neighbour Lauren Smith stated, "She was unhappy all the time that the kids were playing out there." She would speak to them in a rude manner.

After responding to a trespassing report at Lorincz's apartment, deputies discovered the 40-year-old Owens there with a gunshot wound; she subsequently passed away in a hospital.

One of Owens' small boys reportedly shouted, "They shot my mom, they shot my mama," according to Smith. According to the sheriff, deputies had responded to at least six reports involving a dispute between Lorincz and Owens.

According to the sheriff, Lorincz told detectives, "There was a lot of aggression from both of them, back and forth." Whether there was hammering on the walls, banging on the doors, or making threats, Ms. Owens was shot through the door at that very time.

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