Florida Man Released From Jail After Blocking Trump's Motorcade: "It Was Worth It"

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 06/18/2023
After being detained for obstructing former President Trump's motorcade in downtown Miami, a 61-year-old man named Domenic Santana recently spoke to the public for the first time since his release. According to an NBC report, Santana faced charges of disorderly behavior, resisting an officer without using physical force, and blocking traffic. After a night in custody, he was eventually freed.

Santana told reporters that he wants Trump to know that today is his day. You are now in jail.

Santana stood outside the Miami courtroom as the former president arrived to face 37 federal charges, brandishing a banner that said, "lock him up," while wearing a pinstriped jail garb and a plastic ball and chain.

Santana said that he was attempting to flee a "crowd" of Trump fans who were allegedly assaulting him. He made the decision to display his sign when he saw the motorcade approaching. Santana added, "I simply dodged for my safety and then there's the motorcade and there's my sign. I was then just tackled to the ground.

Police allegedly warned Santana earlier that day to allow the Trump supporters room in order to prevent a clash. The defendant shouted at the Trump supporters to attract them, according to the police, who said that Santana's activities drove onlookers and media people to "flood the street."


The former president's life was in risk due to the defendant's careless acts in disrupting the motorcade, an officer said in Santana's arrest record, which WPLG was able to access.

Despite the spectacular arrest, Santana claimed he has no animosity toward the cops involved.

"They had to perform their duties. They were unaware of my weaponry. Santana praised the work that the police had done. Yes, it was worthwhile; notice how I'm spreading the word: He ought to have been imprisoned a long time ago.

Cuban-born Santana, who owned a restaurant for many years in New York City, retired in Miami. According to WTVJ, he views himself as an independent political candidate.

Santana stated, "A fellow New Yorker can identify a rat a mile away." Frankly, he ought to have been imprisoned long ago. He is a gangster from New York.

According to reports, Santana stated he wouldn't be the last person to attempt to obstruct Trump's motorcade. The demonstrator vowed to repeat the action "definitely." Not yet, I say. Santana stated on Wednesday, "It's only the beginning. I'll wear an orange shirt the next time since that's what's inside (the prison).

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