Kids at Drag Show? Viral Video Sparks Controversy at Six Flags Over Texas

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 06/21/2023
Six Flags Over Texas officials had said they would age-restrict their drag shows for the rest of June, but a video that has since gone viral purports to show children at one of the shows.

Lisette Monique Diaz, an employee at Six Flags Over Texas, recorded and uploaded the video on June 10. Her Instagram bio claims she has worked at both Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando, and is now a member of the entertainment leadership team at the Arlington theme park.

Six Flags used to have "PG" shows before they instituted the age restriction. However, the shows had a strong sexual undercurrent, with crossdressing men dancing in bodysuits, revealing clothing, and even nude costumes.

On June 10th, Salem Moon, a crossdressing performer, wore a fiery red bodysuit for her show. His buttocks and groin were on full display while wearing this bodysuit because it only covered one arm and one leg.

Moon did the splits, lip synced, and danced to a sexually suggestive song, and there appeared to be several children in the audience.

One Instagram user commented that she was so happy she could bring her "little one" to Moon's "amazing show" in response to a video he posted about the drag shows at Six Flags.

The park instituted new entry requirements for the show on June 10, requiring all attendees to be 18 or older with proper identification in order to gain entry.

Protect Texas Kids Executive Director Kelly Neidert told Texas Scorecard that Six Flags had employees checking IDs to prevent minors from entering the show during a previous drag show on June 16.

Last weekend, they weren't as strict about the age limit, Neidert speculated.

On the weekend of June 16, Neidert, other members of PTK, and members of the New Columbia Movement held a peaceful protest outside the venue and prayed for the drag show's attendees.

The only way to get companies to stop doing this, Neidert told The Dallas Express, is for people to stop buying from them and hold peaceful demonstrations. Just don't go home. You need to take action.

Neidert claims that attendance at Six Flags Over Texas has dropped significantly after the park began staging drag shows aimed at children. Families have cancelled season passes and voiced their concerns to the amusement park after hearing the news.

PTK tweeted last week, "A theme park for FAMILIES AND CHILDREN should NOT be hosting drag shows at all."

This is why, as Neidert explained to Texas Scorecard, "a family-friendly theme park should never host adult shows." However, on one weekend, despite Six Flags' claims to the contrary, children were present at one of the drag shows.

That they didn't strictly enforce the age limit is intolerable, Neidert declared.

On June 18th, Senate Bill 12 became law with the signature of Governor Greg Abbott. This legislation will protect children from being the intended audience of sexually charged drag shows.

The implementation date of SB 12 is September 1, 2023, which means that children will still be vulnerable to sexually explicit content for at least a few more months.

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