A Deadly Delivery: How a Failed Marijuana Dropoff Led to Tragic Consequences

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  • 06/26/2023
A mailman in South Carolina who failed to deliver two pounds of marijuana but instead left a note instructing the recipient to pick it up at the post office was killed, and the perpetrator received a life sentence.

According to the Associated Press, 25-year-old Trevor Raekwon Seward was previously found guilty of killing mail carrier Irene Pressley, 64, in Williamsburg County in 2019.

In his mailbox that day, Seward had anticipated finding a shipment of two pounds of marijuana that he had ordered from California. Instead, he discovered a note inside instructing him to pick up the package at a post office. Inquiring about the note, Seward confronted Pressley and demanded that she deliver his package. Seward went back to his house to get a rifle and wait for Pressley down a different street after Pressley refused.

Prosecutors claim that he shot 20 times into the back of her mail truck. A few of the shots landed on Pressley.

Seward then took control of the mail truck and steered it into a ditch on an access road close to a hunting club. He then left the truck and Pressley's body after searching it for his package and anything else that might be valuable. Later, the marijuana package was discovered on the same street where Pressley had been shot by Seward.

Pressley's sister testified in court prior to Seward's conviction that her father, who was 97 years old, had died as a result of Seward's actions.

It had an impact on my family. actually took my father's life. He renounced. Elisha Hubbard told the court, according to WPDE-TV, "Because you took his daughter's life. Hubbard also criticized Seward in particular.

"You were intended to roam the planet and carry out good deeds for other people. He didn't create you to be a caged animal. She said, "You didn't have to kill my sister.

During Seward's sentencing hearing, several of Pressley's loved ones and colleagues spoke out.
One question still lingers: What did killing her accomplish? You didn't suffer any losses. Regardless, why did you have to take her life? She wasn't even involved. Vernelle Gibson Oates, another sister of Pressley, insisted that she was innocent in the matter.

When asked if he had anything to add, Seward reportedly listened as family members spoke. In response, Seward said he didn't "want to cause any more confusion." I have nothing to say, according to WPDE.

Then, Judge Donald C. Coggins, Jr. spoke to Seward. "However, it's very likely that you'll spend the rest of your life in a federal prison. And you get to decide how you want to live your life," he added, per the news source.

Seward needed assistance to locate Pressley once he had his weapon. The 30-year-old Jerome Terrell Davis admitted responsibility for Pressley's demise. For his involvement in the robbery of Pressley and his conviction for marijuana conspiracy, he received a 25-year prison term.

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