Former President Trump Criticizes Biden's Recent Controversial Statement on Chinese Spy Balloon

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 06/20/2023
On Monday, former president Donald Trump attacked his successor, Joe Biden, for his comments regarding the Chinese spy balloon that was shot down earlier in the year. Fox News quotes Biden as saying that the spy balloon incident was "more embarrassing than it was intentional" over the weekend.

Trump said, "It's such a stupid statement," while speaking with Fox News host Bret Baier. If I were president, there would have never been a spy balloon. No spy balloon would be flying over our nation, Trump claimed.

A Chinese spy balloon was shot down by the military earlier this year after it crossed the country and moved out over the Atlantic Ocean after being spotted entering American airspace.

China objected to the balloon being shot down on the grounds that it was a platform for civilian meteorological research. 

According to Trump, "That spy balloon was flying over our nuclear sites taking pictures and we shot it down after it had left, heading back to China or wherever it was going." But once it had completed its task, we shot it down over the water. You take it off the balloon because they don't keep it there. As soon as it is taken, that material is immediately sent back to China.

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