Ghislaine Maxwell, Convicted Felon, Accuses Prison Guard of Sexual Abuse: Shocking Revelations Unveiled

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  • 07/17/2023
Ghislaine Maxwell, a convicted child sex trafficker, accused a prison guard of sexual abuse after the guard chastised her for not showering after working out, a prison source told the Daily Mail on Saturday. 

Maxwell confronted the female guard about "the need to shower more frequently," and the guard noted that Maxwell's poor hygiene was causing complaints from other inmates, the source said. Maxwell then reported the female guard. "We were simply discussing cleanliness and the necessity of taking more frequent showers. However, the policeman was completely insensitive about it and has a mouth like [rapper] Cardi B. 

She reportedly shocked Jeffrey Epstein's former madam, who is currently serving a 20-year sentence at Tallahassee Federal Correctional Institute for trafficking underage girls for sex, when she used crude language, specifically the term "hoo-ha" to refer to the female genitalia. Maxwell didn't say the guard touched her, but the incident "left her feeling awkward and embarrassed," the source said.

Three weeks had passed since the prison opened an investigation into her claim, one of many that facility had to do as a result of Maxwell's never-ending filings. She has filed over 400 complaints about poor and insufficient medical care, mail tampering, a lack of vegan food options, and even religious discrimination since she was imprisoned at the Florida facility last year in addition to more than a dozen misconduct allegations against staff members, earning her the moniker "Prison Karen."

The source told the Mail that Maxwell's refusal to take a shower and the resulting body odor, as well as her propensity to turn to snitching when faced with interpersonal problems, have made her many enemies behind bars. The source suggested that the nine pages and counting of complaints Maxwell has filed are an attempt to get her transferred into a more hospitable facility, such as the Danbury Federal Correctional Institution, which is known for housing white-collar criminals and celebrities as well as in

Despite having a 2037 release date, Maxwell has already applied twice for compassionate release. After she was convicted last year on five of the six charges she faced related to transporting minors for the purpose of illegal sexual activity, her attorneys started appealing her conviction and sentence almost immediately. 

2019 saw the discovery of Epstein's body in his cell while he was awaiting a sex trafficking trial. Although it was determined that his death was a suicide, Maxwell has stated that she thinks he was murdered but doesn't know how. In a January jailhouse interview, she expressed regret that she had ever met him, but she has never shown regret, care for the victims, or even care for her deceased former crime partner.

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