Sound Of Freedom Still Among Top 3 In Country; Estimated $40 Million In Ticket Sales

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 07/10/2023
The most recent predictions from Angel Studios indicate that the movie "Sound of Freedom," starring Jim Caviezel, will surpass $40 million in total ticket sales.

The film, which premiered on July 4 and quickly rose to the top of the box office, is an eye-opening true story that explores the depths of child sex trafficking and human trafficking around the world. The momentum continued, according to a press release from Angel Studios.

"Like our July 4th results, today's results are better than we anticipated, and we're going to keep up the momentum. A life of its own has emerged for SOUND of FREEDOM. We're hearing reports of packed theaters, sold-out theaters, and unplanned standing ovations for the movie in many different cities across the nation. Thanks to fantastic word-of-mouth, seeing this movie has become mandatory, according to a press release issued on Sunday by Angel Studios' head of theatrical distribution, Brandon Purdie.

We're extremely grateful to AMC, Cinemark, Regal, and all of our theater partners—as well as their dedicated theater staff members—for cooperating with us to meet the film's soaring demand and for having the guts to release SOUND OF FREEDOM during the year's busiest movie-going season.

The movie, which is playing in 2,850 theaters, is expected to earn close to $20 million over the course of the weekend, bringing the overall box office receipts to an estimated $40 million, according to the release.


Similar figures were provided by Box Office Mojo, who estimated that "Sound of Freedom" had made just over $18 million domestically over the weekend and slightly more than $40 million overall.

A 76% tomato-meter from critics and a 99% audience score on ratings website Rotten Tomatoes indicated that the film received positive reviews.

The film is based on the terrifying true story of a federal agent who quits his job to find and rescue the boy's sister in South America after saving a boy who was the victim of human trafficking.

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