Former Republican Rep. Raises Doubts on Hunter Biden's Laptop Contents, Despite Independent Confirmations

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 07/05/2023
Hunter Biden's legal counsel Denver Riggleman, a former Republican representative from Virginia, asserted that the contents of Biden's laptop had not been independently verified, despite the fact that many publications had done so.

On Wednesday, Riggleman used Twitter to explain why he is helping Biden's attorneys with data issues and ongoing House Republican investigations.

Riggleman tweeted a link to a CBS News article about his work for Hunter Biden and stated, "Forensics make clear that considerable information linked to Hunter Biden is questionable." Riggleman received a response from a user stating that the laptop's contents had already been confirmed.

They haven't, in fact. Who or what is using the "data"? A laptop and information identifying it as such are two distinct things. Riggleman tweeted to the user, "NY Post is not a reliable source. 

In advance of the 2020 presidential election, the New York Post was the first to report on the contents of Biden's laptop. The authenticity of the laptop was questioned after 51 former intelligence officials asserted in a letter allegedly drafted by Biden Secretary of State Tony Blinken that it was a Russian disinformation campaign. In light of fresh information, the letter has not been retracted, and none of the former officials have expressed regret for it.

The Daily Caller News Foundation independently verified the contents of Biden's laptop after Twitter had censored the New York Post's reporting in accordance with its "hacked materials" policy. Since then, the information on Biden's laptop has been confirmed by the New York Times, Washington Post, and CBS News.

In a February letter to the Department of Justice requesting an investigation into those who accessed Hunter Biden's "personal computer data," including Delaware computer repairman John Mac Isaac, Biden's attorney Abbe Lowell seemed to acknowledge the validity of the data on Biden's laptop.

"Mr. Mac Isaac has acknowledged using Mr. Biden's computer without his permission to access our client's personal data. The letter states, "Mr. Mac Isaac has admitted to copying that data without Mr. Biden's consent and has admitted to distributing copies of that data to Mr. Biden's father's political adversaries without Mr. Biden's consent.

The widespread publication, manipulation, and exploitation of Mr. Biden's most private information were "caused by these unlawful actions."

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