Hunter Biden: Court Demands Employment, Sobriety, and Drug Testing

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 07/26/2023
After a derailed plea agreement, the defendant in the Hunter Biden tax evasion case pleaded not guilty, and the judge ordered him to follow several conditions. On Wednesday night, Jacqui Heinrich of Fox News tweeted a screenshot of the judge's order.

Judge Noreika mandated that Hunter Biden obtain employment, abstain from alcohol consumption, refrain from using or possessing drugs, and, if requested to do so by pretrial services or law enforcement, submit to testing and take part in substance abuse therapy as part of his release conditions.

Following Wednesday's court appearance, Hunter's legal team and federal prosecutors are reportedly negotiating a "more limited" plea agreement.

Tom Winter of MSNBC explains why Hunter entered a not-guilty plea after it became clear that the original plea would not be accepted.

The judge now has to accept a plea because we had the initial appearance during this hearing, and he or she must accept Hunter Biden's plea today. She claims she is hesitant to accept or reject this plea deal but is waiting for more details before making a choice. She still has to enter a plea today as a result, and Hunter Biden and his attorneys said what I believe anyone in his position would say after a brief conversation that lasted maybe two seconds: "Well, I'm not going to plead guilty to anything. There is no longer an agreement between us. The judge hasn't decided that yet.

According to the prosecution and the defense, there is no plea agreement for Hunter Biden, and things appear to have broken down during today's hearing, CNN's Kaitlan Collins tweeted earlier on Wednesday. There had been speculation that Hunter Biden would admit guilt to two tax offenses.

The initial plea agreement permitted Hunter to enroll in a pre-trial diversion program associated with a federal gun charge in addition to the two tax misdemeanors. Republicans, such as former President Donald Trump, criticized it as a "sweetheart deal," claiming that any ordinary person would have faced jail time.

The White House's sole statement regarding the original agreement was that "The President and First Lady love their son and support him as he continues to rebuild his life." Hunter had experienced addiction problems, particularly with crack cocaine.

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