Sound Of Freedom Movie To Open Eyes On Global Child Trafficking; Rotten Tomatoes Give High Scores!

"Sound of Freedom," a small-scale drama, is one of the summer's most important films.  It may not have the budget of “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny” or the all-star cast of Christopher Nolan’s upcoming “Oppenheimer,” but that doesn’t matter. This sobering, earnest, and often eye-opening look at a real-life problem will disturb, anger, shake, inspire, and move you.

Angel Studios' aggressive and unique marketing campaign includes a pay-it-forward program that encourages audience members to buy tickets and give them to others to increase movie interest. This isn't a money-making gimmick to make the film a blockbuster (although that would be nice given the subject matter). This suggests that everyone involved in making and selling this film has good intentions. Contrary to popular belief, this film appeals to both faith-based and patriotic audiences. 

"Sound of Freedom," based on true events, follows former Homeland Security agent Tim Ballard (Jim Caviezel), who risks his life to save countless children from sex traffickers. 

"Sound of Freedom" is a gut-wrenching deep dive into human trafficking, but Alejandro Monteverde ("Little Boy")'s elegant but unflinching direction makes it hopeful and optimistic. After this movie comes out, Monteverde will be more well-known.  He delicately portrays a terrifying operation without sensationalizing it. Monteverde's tone and confidence sometimes reminded me of Steven Spielberg throughout this film. 

Caviezel ("The Passion of the Christ") plays Ballard as a superhero. We can see the toll these awful stories and incidents have taken on this man throughout the movie, but he sticks with it, first in his crusade to bring several perpetrators to justice and then in his mission to save as many children as possible by any means necessary. This includes going undercover and trusting some of the worst people you'll ever meet.  Bill Camp plays Vampiro, a complicated man with a dark past who is inspired to help improve the world after an unthinkable incident. Finally, kudos to the two young actors in this film. Two kids who endure the unthinkable break hearts. 

In "Sound of Freedom," Ballard's unsettling befriending of a pedophile feels rushed, and given that Katherine Ballard (Tim's supportive wife) was so instrumental in keeping him going through the darkest of times, it was disappointing to see Mira Sorvino sidelined in what should be a more pivotal role. It should also be noted that there are certainly parts of the movie that feel a little overdramatized (particularly in an intense final act that has elements of both "Saving Private Ryan" and "Rambo"), but these elements don't hinder the overall effectiveness of an otherwise profoundly powerful film about a real-world problem that doesn't seem to generate nearly enough talk in daily conversations. I hope this great film makes this topic a headline. 

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