Double Tragedy: Arrest Made in Brutal Murder of Young Couple and Unborn Child

For the murder of his fiancée Kaylin Fiengo, 18, and the couple's unborn child, the Sanford police have detained Donovan Faison, 21. Fiengo was found shot dead in her automobile at Coastline Park in November 2022, which is when the horrible murder occurred.

Since then, it has come to light that the murder's motivation was a dispute about Fiengo's pregnancy; Faison wanted her to get an abortion, but she strongly refused. Police have filed two felony homicide charges against Faison—one for the death of Fiengo and the other for the death of their unborn child.


The fact that a life was taken so arbitrarily, and that it was also the life of a defenseless unborn child, has seriously affected Fiengo's family as well as her community. The police laboriously identified Faison as the main suspect in this case after 10 months. Chief Cecil Smith of the Sanford Police Department voiced his displeasure with the amount of time it took to solve the case, calling the murder "infuriating." He does, however, hope that Faison's arrest will result in justice for Fiengo and some kind of comfort for her bereaved family.

This tragedy's circumstances have brought to light the difficulties and emotional upheaval that can result from unintended pregnancies. Fiengo's opposition to getting an abortion resulted in a deadly altercation, emphasizing the value of open communication, encouragement, and comprehension in such delicate circumstances. In a statement on Tuesday, Smith said, "Today's events come after a long, nearly ten-month-long, of an extensive examination." In order to find Kaylin's killer, "our detectives have made sure every conceivable piece of evidence was processed and studied."

Due to this tragic tragedy, Fiengo's little kid is now orphaned, leaving us to wonder what kind of harm such brutality might do. The knowledge that this helpless boy would have to grow up without the love and direction of his mother is a painful truth. In order to assist and care for him at this trying time, the community must come together.


There is a ray of hope thanks to Donovan Faison's arrest that Kaylin Fiengo and her unborn child will receive justice. The subsequent judicial actions should help to clarify the circumstances surrounding the murder and provide solace for Fiengo's family. It serves as a reminder that violence against women is a widespread problem that requires immediate response, particularly when it involves close relationships.


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