Fox News Declares Ron DeSantis Is #1 Attacked Presidential Candidate - Based On Expenditures

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 08/17/2023
According to Fox News, Florida's Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, has been subjected to the highest number of attacks among the current presidential candidates. DeSantis currently holds the second or third position in some GOP primary polls, with former President Donald Trump leading the race for the presidency.

Despite being ranked second in the GOP polls, DeSantis holds the top position among all candidates in terms of negative independent expenditures. Independent expenditures refer to the expenses incurred by political campaigns for the purpose of targeting rival candidates in an election, often involving the financing of opposition research.


DeSantis has faced more than $20.2 million in negative independent expenditure spending. DeSantis is facing significantly higher financial scrutiny compared to Presidents Biden and Trump, with millions of dollars being directed towards criticisms and attacks against him. Biden has incurred the second-highest amount of negative campaign expenditures, totaling $9.2 million.

Trump's negative independent expenditures amount to over $8.1 million, placing him slightly below Biden. However, Fox News doesn't include the cost of negative coverage by the mainstream media news networks or government press conferences or investigations

According to Andrew Romeo, the campaign communications director for DeSantis, various groups including Republicans, Democrats, and the legacy media are collectively attacking Ron DeSantis due to his perceived ability to defeat Joe Biden.

According to Romeo, it is anticipated that the attacks against DeSantis will intensify during the upcoming debate, and it is understood that he will not be acknowledged as the winner. However, Romeo notes that DeSantis is accustomed to enduring criticism on behalf of the American people.

Despite facing criticism, Ron DeSantis remains resolute and steadfast in his position.

According to a recent survey, DeSantis, the governor of Florida, has a higher likelihood of defeating President Biden in the upcoming 2024 election in Virginia, as he competes with former President Donald Trump for the GOP nomination.

According to a poll conducted by Virginia Commonwealth University, respondents expressed a preference for DeSantis over Trump in a hypothetical 2024 election matchup against Biden, who will be 82 years old at that time.

In a subsequent election, conducted in 2022, 40% of participants expressed their intention to vote for Trump, while 43% indicated their preference for Biden.


During the DeSantis versus Biden competition, both candidates secured an equal level of support, with 41% each.

A majority of respondents, specifically 54%, expressed their disapproval of President Biden's current job performance.

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