Illinois Breaks New Ground with Law Protecting Child Influencers: Prioritizing Safety in the Digital Age

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  • 08/13/2023
In move, the state of Illinois has become the first in the nation to pass a law dedicated to safeguarding children influencers. This pioneering legislation aims to shield children from the potential dangers and exploitation they may face due to their parents' online presence. By taking this proactive step, Illinois is prioritizing the well-being and privacy of vulnerable children amidst the ever-growing influence of social media.


The Illinois Senate unanimously passed the bill in March, and on August 11th, it was signed into law. According to this new legislation, parents of teenagers under 16 are legally obligated to allocate a portion of earnings from monetized online video content into a trust fund. Once these teenagers turn 18, they can access this trust fund. In cases where parents neglect their responsibilities, the child has the right to seek compensation by filing a lawsuit under the Illinois Child Labor Law.
In a statement to Teen Vogue, Alex Gough, a spokesperson for Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker, recognized that the internet offers numerous opportunities for children to showcase their creativity. If minors can profit from their creative endeavors, it becomes crucial to shield them from parents who might exploit their child's talents solely for their own financial gain.

The legislation draws inspiration from Shreya Nallamothu, a 15-year-old high school student residing in Koehler's district. Shreya expressed her concerns to State Senator Dave Koehler regarding the inadequate protection for the earnings of child influencers in her proposal. Koehler emphasized that the emergence of social media has opened up new avenues for children to generate income. However, some parents have taken advantage of this opportunity by keeping the money for themselves while still requiring their children to work in these digital environments.

The recently enacted law in Illinois recognizes the unique challenges children face in this digital era and aims to effectively address them. The legislation emphasizes the utmost importance of protecting the privacy, safety, and mental well-being of these children, while also upholding the rights of their influencer parents.
A key provision within this law focuses on safeguarding the personal information of influencer children. This policy prohibits any unauthorized use, disclosure, or sale of their personal data, ensuring the privacy and security of sensitive information. The intention behind this provision is to prevent any potential exploitation or misuse of the data by individuals or organizations with malicious intent.

In Illinois, the legislation underscores the importance of addressing the educational requirements of children from influencer backgrounds. The program encourages influencers to prioritize their children's education, providing them with resources and guidance to navigate the challenges of balancing their online fame while ensuring their kids receive a proper education. The law recognizes the vital role education plays in these children's holistic growth and future opportunities.


Illinois has reached a remarkable milestone as the pioneer state to enact legislation explicitly aimed at safeguarding the children of influencers. This revolutionary law exemplifies the state's commitment to preserving the privacy, security, and overall well-being of these young individuals who may be exposed to public scrutiny due to their parents' online prominence.

Senator Koehler, the sponsor of the bill, envisions the signing of SB1782 as a catalyst for greater strides in progress. It is my conviction that other states will likely emulate our lead on this important matter.


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