Republican House Judiciary Chairman Signals Possible Biden Impeachment Probe

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 08/29/2023
Jim Jordan, the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee and a Republican from Ohio, said on Monday that when Congress reconvenes in September, it would likely begin an impeachment investigation into President Joe Biden.

Jordan stated during an appearance on "The Great America Show" that the chamber was moving closer to passing a resolution to launch such an investigation due to growing evidence against the Biden family.


"I believe we are pretty near. I truly do, Lou. When Congress resumes its regular session in September, I would not be at all shocked if we adopted that resolution and put it to a vote, he added. We will not receive any Democratic support, so if we are going to do it, we need to see whether the entire conference is in favor of it. It should also be based on the facts and the Constitution.

And I do believe that is where things are going because, you know, the left always claims there is not any proof of Joe Biden. Numerous pieces of evidence are available, he argued. There are 20 separate businesses. Nine separate households are receiving payment. The WhatsApp message is present. The 10% for the large man email is there. Devin Archer's testimony is available. For goodness sake, there are the meals, calls, and meetings.

Then there are Joe Biden's activities, which he took five days after the meeting in Dubai between Burisma representatives and Hunter Biden and Devin Archer. Five days later, he travels to Kyiv and assaults the local prosecutor, who our State Department had previously said was operating normally, Jordan said. "And they were prepared to provide $1 billion in tax dollars to Ukraine. So that is everything. I am at a loss for words in the absence of it as proof.

According to the facts and evidence that we are finding, he said, "So, sure, I do believe it is likely that we get to that stage."


Jordan's comments coincide with similar ones made by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who had earlier stated that the chamber would open such an investigation to forward document demands that the administration had refused to comply with.

"The thing that matters is to provide us the requested documents, regardless of whether we conduct an impeachment probe... There would not be a need for an impeachment probe if they gave us the materials, he added. However, if they refuse to provide the records and continue to battle to deny the American people the information they are due, we will pursue an impeachment investigation when we reconvene.


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