Kari Lake Urges Presidential Candidates to Denounce Election Interference Actions Against Trump

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 08/24/2023
Kari Lake, a previous contender for the governor position in Arizona under the Republican Party, advocated for the Republican primary presidential candidates to publicly denounce the alleged political persecution against former President Trump during the primary discussion. 

Lake expressed the opinion that it is imperative for the individuals in question to openly and promptly address the matter with President Trump, emphasizing the need for a genuine and transparent discourse rather than perpetuating what is perceived as a baseless and unfair investigation. This statement was made during the Wednesday broadcast of the "Just the News, No Noise" television program. The utilization of governmental institutions against him is deemed inappropriate, being a highly flagrant instance of electoral manipulation unparalleled in the history of our nation. 


At now, Donald Trump is confronted with four indictments, two of which are of a federal nature.

According to recent reports, it is anticipated that the 45th president would submit to authorities on Thursday in response to the Fulton County indictment in the state of Georgia. 

Lake later expressed the opinion that it is imperative for individuals to advocate on behalf of President Trump and voice their opposition to the ongoing events in Washington D.C. and other municipalities, where allies of President-elect Biden are allegedly exploiting their positions in state, local, or federal government to target the individual whom the American populace desires to be their future president. 

The individual characterized the Republican primary as a peripheral spectacle and advocated for the consolidation of the GOP behind Trump in order to secure victory over President Biden in the upcoming 2024 election.

Lake mentioned that President Trump has been discussing this matter. He is prepared to transition to the general election and regards the current situation as a mere distraction, lacking in seriousness. These individuals do not possess the necessary qualifications or attributes to be considered as viable prospects.


She also asserted that they lack the possibility of achieving victory. The allocation of resources towards this endeavor is depleting valuable assets that are crucial for Republicans to effectively engage in the forthcoming general election and strategically target Joe Biden. There are several aspects to criticize him on.


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