Is President Biden Ignoring Americans in Maui? A Concerned Resident Asks

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  • 08/20/2023
The apparent absence and perceived lack of empathy exhibited by President Joe Biden towards the inhabitants of Maui might be interpreted as indicative of a potential lack of concern for American citizens experiencing hardship. 

During a CNN interview, one individual who has been in Maui for an extended period of time exhibited emotional distress when questioned about the delay in President Biden's visit to the region hit by the flames and its impacted population. 


"The current situation is really impacting me since I am concerned about the whereabouts of the President. Maui resident Ella Sable Tacderan inquired. Are we not also Americans? We are a constituent entity of the United States. What is the rationale for being placed in a subordinate position? What is the reason for the lack of attention directed towards us?"

Criticism has been directed on President Biden for his failure to visit the Hawaiian island amidst the escalating death toll. 

During the course of the week, a journalist inquired of the president whether he possessed any remarks on the prevailing circumstances, to which he responded by stating that he had "no comment." 

A number of individuals residing in the affected area conveyed their discontent to the New York Post, expressing a preference for President Biden to abstain from visiting, given the considerable delay in his response to the ongoing flames. 

Lahaina resident Jay Awan expressed his disapproval of his presence. The purpose of his visit to Maui is primarily to enhance his public image in the presence of the media.

According to Peter Friedgen, a 66-year-old individual interviewed by the Post, there is a prevailing lack of concern among the majority of individuals over the potential visit of the president. Friedgen further expressed that the local population has been eagerly anticipating the government's presence in order to provide assistance to the island, which is now facing significant challenges. 

In the midst of allocating substantial financial resources to Ukraine, President Biden recently unveiled a rather modest proposal to provide the inhabitants of Maui with a singular payment amounting to $700. 

According to Tacderan, the parents were given a check amounting to $700, which was perceived as a disrespectful gesture. The individual expressed dissatisfaction with the government's allocation of $700, stating that it is insufficient. They further noted that residing in Hawaii is costly, with average grocery expenses occasionally reaching that amount. 


White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre responded to critics who expressed skepticism on the intended journey of President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden to Maui, asserting their plans. 

According to Jean-Pierre, during an interview with Phil Mattingly on "CNN This Morning," there has been ongoing discussion over this matter. Jean-Pierre also emphasized that the relief efforts in Hawaii require a sustained commitment over an extended period of time.


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