Mother Found Guilty of Murdering Three Young Kids: Mental Health Defense Dismissed

On Wednesday, a jury in New Zealand rendered a verdict of guilt against a woman for the murder of her three young kids. The jury dismissed her argument, which claimed that her mental illness at the time absolved her of responsibility for the crime. Lauren Dickason, a 42-year-old individual, previously confessed to the act of causing the death of her twin children, Maya and Karla, who were 2 years old at the time, as well as their 6-year-old sister, Liane. These tragic events occurred around two years ago within their residence located in the town of Timaru.

According to the AP, the defendant entered a plea of not guilty for the charge of murder, asserting that her actions were influenced by a severe kind of depression, specifically postpartum depression. The prosecutors accepted that Dickason had experienced symptoms of depression; nevertheless, they argued that these symptoms did not meet the criteria necessary to justify a medical defense. According to reports, it has been alleged that she committed filicide as a result of intense feelings of rage and contempt.


The individuals highlighted Dickason's concerning telephone conversations and online activities in the period leading up to the homicides. These included explicit statements expressing a desire to harm her children, as well as internet research pertaining to the most efficacious methods of administering fatal drug overdoses to minors. Dickason and her spouse, Graham Dickason, who are both certified medical practitioners, relocated from South Africa to New Zealand and established their residence in Timaru shortly before the occurrence of the homicides. Their decision to emigrate was motivated by a desire for a more secure and predictable way of life, as they sought to distance themselves from the unrest prevailing in their place of origin.

Initially, Lauren Dickason made an attempt to terminate the lives of her children by employing zip ties, then proceeding to asphyxiate them by use of pillows. Subsequently, she proceeded to position them within their respective sleeping arrangements, ensuring they were securely tucked under the blankets, followed by an attempt to take her own life.

Upon concluding a professional dinner engagement, Graham Dickason, a specialist in orthopedic surgery, was confronted with the tragic discovery of his deceased offspring. Subsequently, the individual informed law enforcement authorities that he had awareness of his spouse's challenges pertaining to mental health and the responsibilities associated with parenting, although remained unaware of her capacity for committing homicide. The findings of culpability for three counts of homicide were rendered subsequent to a trial spanning a duration of four weeks. The jurors engaged in a period of deliberation lasting three days, ultimately reaching a majority vote of 11-1 in favor of conviction.

It is important to note that this division of opinion is permissible within the legal framework of New Zealand. Dickason is subject to a sentence of life imprisonment. According to a report by Radio New Zealand, it was seen that Dickason remained still in the dock when the judgement was announced in the Christchurch High Court. Subsequently, she departed while shedding tears in a subdued manner. According to RNZ, there were reports of jurors expressing their emotions through tears, while both of Dickason's legal representatives were observed shedding tears, as reported by The parents of Dickason released a statement asserting that the actions committed were not representative of their daughter's true character, but rather attributed to a severe mental disorder.

According to a statement issued by RNZ, parents Malcolm and Wendy Fawkes express their desire to promote global awareness of the early recognition of postpartum depression symptoms, emphasizing the importance for people and families to be vigilant for their own well-being as well as that of their immediate social circle.


Detective Inspector Scott Anderson expressed the police's desire to extend their sincerest condolences to the bereaved family members who would regrettably be deprived of seeing the maturation and fulfillment of Liane, Maya, and Karla's lives. Anderson stated in a formal declaration that it is difficult to adequately articulate the sorrowful nature of the ongoing probe.

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