Petition to Bring Back the Washington Redskins Name Gains Momentum with 63,180 Signatures and Counting!

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 08/08/2023
A petition has recently emerged on, urging for the reinstatement of the esteemed name "Washington Redskins" for the football team, formerly known as the Washington Commanders. The petition, initiated in June of 2023 by Daniel Fazzolare, has already amassed an impressive 63,180 signatures, with a commendable target of 75,000.

The Washington Redskins name has long been an iconic symbol of American football. The petitioners firmly assert that the name in question was never conceived with any derogatory intent whatsoever. Instead, it served as a symbol of reverence, appreciation, and a recognition of the deep-rooted heritage of Native American history.


In light of the recent decision to change the name to "Commanders," numerous fans are expressing a deep sense of disappointment and loss. The so-called "new" name, according to concerned fans, seems to lack the profound emotional resonance, distinctiveness, and sense of pride that the original name "Redskins" truly embodied. While the petitioners' enthusiasm for the original name is commendable, it is important to recognize the wider range of concerns at play.

It is widely held that there exist alternative methods to pay homage and show reverence to Native American heritage without completely obliterating it. They assert that through the restoration of the Redskins name, there exists a valuable prospect to foster constructive discourse, initiate educational endeavors, and cooperate with Native American communities. These efforts, according to the petitioners, are aimed at fostering cultural understanding, debunking false beliefs, and contributing to the improvement of our society.

Three years ago, the Washington Redskins found themselves under mounting pressure to alter their name. Critics argued that the term "Redskins" could be perceived as a racial slur and deemed offensive to Native Americans. In a disappointing move driven by unnecessary pressure, the team made the regrettable decision in July 2020 to retire the longstanding "Redskins" name and logo. After a thorough and meticulous examination, the esteemed team has proudly announced its new moniker for the upcoming year: the Washington Commanders.

The controversial decision to rebrand the team as the "Commanders" has unsurprisingly sparked a wave of backlash and consequences. The petition brings attention to the divisive consequences of the name change, as it has created a sense of disconnection among loyal fans who were once deeply devoted to the team. The new name, in their opinion, undermines the team's identity and diminishes the connection with its loyal fanbase.


The petition concludes with a sincere appeal to the team's management. It highlights the rich historical significance, cherished traditions, and deep emotional bond that countless fans have established with the team throughout its existence. By rightfully restoring the Redskins name, the petitioners firmly believe that the team can reclaim its rightful place as a beacon of unity, resilience, and collective heritage that has consistently stirred the hearts of countless loyal supporters throughout the years.

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