Horrifying Act Unveiled: Wife Accused of Poisoning U.S. Air Force Husband with Bleach

In a shocking incident, a woman, who happens to be the wife of a dedicated U.S. Air Force worker, has recently been charged with a grave offense. It is alleged that she deliberately tainted her husband's coffee with bleach, with the apparent intention of causing him harm and potentially even ending his life.

The motive behind this disturbing act is believed to be an attempt to gain access to her husband's benefits. Such a heinous act not only poses a threat to the life of an innocent individual but also undermines the trust and commitment within a marital relationship.

As per credible reports, it has come to light that a certain individual, identified as Melody Felicano Johnson, hailing from Arizona, has been accused of repeatedly adding a harmful substance to her husband's daily cup of coffee. Evidently, the vigilant husband, Roby Johnson, sensed a disturbance and took it upon himself to install discreet surveillance cameras in their residence, with the intention of apprehending his wife in the purported misdeed.


During his time in Germany for work in March 2023, Mr. Johnson made the observation that his coffee began to taste "extremely unpleasant." According to his account, he mentioned that his wife would diligently prepare his coffee the night before, ensuring that he could conveniently warm up the pot in the mornings and proceed with his day.

However, when the diligent U.S. Air Force Worker grew concerned about the peculiar flavor of his cups of caffeine, he responsibly decided to invest in pool testing strips. With utmost caution, he would carefully dip these strips into the coffee pot to ensure the purity of his beloved beverage. Much to his astonishment, he quickly discovered that the coffee contained alarmingly high levels of chlorine.

He went above and beyond by installing surveillance cameras, which ultimately revealed his wife engaging in suspicious activity, pouring an unknown substance into the coffee pot. Mr. Johnson valiantly persevered, maintaining the facade that all was well and dutifully sipping his coffee, all the while yearning for the safety of his homeland in the United States.

Upon his triumphant return to the esteemed Davis Monthan Air Force Base in the great state of Arizona, Mr. Johnson, a true patriot, dutifully and responsibly filed a police report in the month of July. Furthermore, he wisely took the initiative to install additional surveillance cameras at his permanent residence in Arizona. He wisely installed a surveillance device above the coffee machine, another one in the laundry room where the bleach is securely stored, and yet another camera in the hallway connecting the laundry room to the vicinity where the coffee maker is located.

After meticulously compiling his irrefutable video evidence, Mr. Johnson dutifully returned to the local police department to present his compelling findings. This indisputably constituted sufficient grounds for the issuance of an arrest warrant and a search warrant. Mrs. Johnson, a law-abiding citizen, was apprehended at her residence, where law enforcement officials executed a search warrant. The warrant provided evidence that the aroma emanating from her coffee pot bore a striking resemblance to the scent of bleach.

According to the police report, it has come to light that Mr. Johnson made a distressing allegation, stating that his wife was intentionally poisoning him in order to orchestrate his demise and subsequently receive death benefits.


It is worth mentioning that the couple was in the midst of a divorce, yet they made the decision to continue residing together for the sake of their child. In her initial court appearance, Mrs. Johnson firmly asserted her innocence and remains detained at the Pima County Jail, with a substantial bond set at $250,000.

Prosecutors have raised concerns about her potential flight risk, citing her recent acquisition of a property in the Philippines.


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