Record-Breaking Influx Of Unauthorized Immigrants: Unprecedented Challenge for the Biden Administration

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  • 09/23/2023
In the month of August, Homeland Security observed a significant influx of unauthorized migrants entering the country, totaling 304,162 individuals. This figure surpasses the previous monthly record and presents a heightened set of challenges for the Biden administration to address.

In July, Border Patrol agents at the southern border apprehended approximately 181,000 illegal immigrants, which marks an increase of over 36% compared to the previous month.


The primary focus lies on the official ports of entry, where the Biden administration has implemented various programs to accommodate unauthorized migrants, provided they adhere to a scheduled arrival system. In the month of August, the ports of entry recorded a total of 121,781 instances where unauthorized migrants were encountered.

Over 50,000 individuals entered the United States through airports and seaports, avoiding the southern border entirely and instead arriving at various locations within the country. Once inside, they promptly dispersed.

In December, authorities detected a total of 302,412 migrants, which marked the highest number of illegal border encounters for that month. In August 2020, during the Trump administration, the number of something was 65,707, which is significantly lower than the number observed last month under President Biden.

The recent figures represent a source of embarrassment for Alejandro Mayorkas, the Secretary of Homeland Security. Just a few months ago, Mayorkas celebrated a decline in the numbers of individuals crossing the southern border, but the current data contradicts his previous claims. The individual mentioned that the policies implemented to address the conclusion of the pandemic emergency were effectively reducing the influx of individuals.

The subject in question has experienced a significant resurgence.

In the past two years, there has been a significant increase in the number of Central Americans entering the United States. Specifically, unauthorized migrants from Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala have been detected at a rate of nearly 80,000 individuals.

Customs and Border Protection agents and officers encountered a significant number of Venezuelans, surpassing 37,000 individuals.

The increase in the number of migrants entering the country through the southern border as families stands out as particularly concerning. In the month of August, the Border Patrol documented a total of 93,108 family migrants. This figure surpasses the previous record that was established in May 2019.

Last month, the total number of arrests made by the Border Patrol reached over 106,000 when considering both unaccompanied children and families. This indicates that nearly 60% of the arrests made by the Border Patrol were related to children and families who arrived at the border without any parent or guardian.

The Border Patrol was able to apprehend a significant number of terrorism suspects, which served as a positive development. Only a small number of individuals, specifically five, were identified by agents as having identities that matched the criteria on the terrorism watchlist.

The monthly total of [specific data] is the lowest recorded since the release of data by CBP in April 2022.

The Acting Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Troy Miller, adopted an optimistic perspective in light of the generally discouraging statistics.

The speaker emphasized that the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is committed to maintaining a state of constant awareness and readiness in dealing with unscrupulous smugglers and transnational criminal organizations. These criminal entities take advantage of vulnerable migrants, while also engaging in the trafficking of dangerous drugs that pose a threat to our communities.

According to his statement, the individual mentioned that the agency's "operational tempo" had experienced a rise. Additionally, he highlighted that they had set a new record in utilizing expedited removal, a fast-track deportation authority.

However, considering the previous months, it is probable that most of the individuals who arrived recently were apprehended and subsequently released.

According to Rep. Mark Green, who serves as the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, he believes that the recent surge in immigration was bound to happen due to Alejandro Mayorkas's reluctance to implement stricter policies that have proven to be effective.

The current situation at the American border is widely regarded as the most severe crisis in the history of our nation, and no amount of manipulation or distortion can alter this reality. According to the congressman, Secretary Mayorkas' policies on open borders are having a negative impact on our homeland security and potentially putting the safety of all Americans at risk.


According to Mr. Green, the significant increase in the number of people involved also translates into substantial profits for the cartels, a concern that both Mr. Mayorkas and Mr. Miller are actively working to address and counteract.

The Homeland Security Committee is currently conducting an inquiry into Mr. Mayorkas's record. The purpose of this inquiry is to assess whether there are grounds for potential impeachment proceedings against the secretary.


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