Biden vs. Green Party: The Battle for the General Election Heats Up with Cornel West

The current poll numbers indicate that President Biden is either tied or trailing behind former President Donald Trump. This suggests that in order to secure victory in the upcoming November election, Democrats may need to make efforts to attract additional voters.

Cornel West, a member of the Green Party, has the potential to act as a spoiler in the upcoming election.


In July, Mr. West, a university professor and dedicated socialist activist, made the decision to run for president. Currently, he is running as a candidate for the Green Party, with the goal of securing a spot on the ballot in almost every state for the upcoming November 2024 election. 

The Green Party has successfully obtained ballot access in a total of 17 states, which includes two crucial battleground states, namely Wisconsin and Michigan.

Kanye West, a 70-year-old individual, has decided to join the presidential race. This decision comes at a time when a growing number of voters are expressing dissatisfaction with the options presented by the two major political parties, namely the GOP and the Democrats. As a result, these voters are becoming more open to considering alternative candidates from third-party affiliations. 

The individual's political movement, characterized as being driven by the people, has the potential to significantly challenge the Biden campaign. This campaign is currently facing declining poll numbers and increasing concerns regarding the mental capabilities of the 80-year-old president, as evidenced by a series of verbal mistakes and missteps. 

In a recent national poll conducted by Emerson College, it was found that both Mr. Trump and Mr. Biden received equal support of 45%. Additionally, the poll revealed that 10% of the respondents remained undecided. After Mr. West entered the race, there was a shift in the voting percentages. Mr. Biden's support decreased to 42%, Mr. Trump's support decreased to 43%, and Mr. West captured 4% of the vote. Meanwhile, 11% of voters remained undecided.

In general, Mr. West garnered a level of support that has the potential to diminish the Democratic voting base during the November elections. Specifically, he secured the backing of 7% of Hispanics, 5% of the Black vote, and 7% of voters who are under the age of 35.

According to pollster Ron Faucheux, the outcome of the 2024 election could potentially be influenced by a very small percentage of votes. Specifically, in the swing states that Mr. Biden narrowly won in 2020 and are expected to play a crucial role in determining the outcome of the upcoming race.

According to Mr. Faucheux, the presence of a third candidate has the potential to significantly impact the outcome of elections in closely contested states. It is possible that if West garners a significant portion of his votes from Biden, it could potentially result in a shift of electoral votes towards the Republicans in certain swing states like Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Georgia.

In the current political landscape, Mr. West has positioned himself to the left of Mr. Biden, thereby appealing to a specific group of voters who are seeking more assertive measures to address various issues. These issues include putting an end to U.S. participation in overseas conflicts, phasing out the reliance on fossil fuels, implementing a system of universal healthcare, and enacting reforms within the policing system. By advocating for these policies, Mr. West has garnered support from individuals who share these concerns and desire more progressive approaches to address them. 

According to his campaign website, Mr. West supports reparations for the historical mistreatment of Black individuals, the abolition of the Electoral College, and the democratization of unaccountable monopolies and oligopolies through workers' control. Despite a request for an interview, Mr. West did not provide a response.

The candidate has garnered support from Jill Stein, the former Green Party presidential nominee, and has also brought on Peter Daou, who previously managed the campaign of Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson, to lead his own campaign.

In a recent video shared on X, Mr. West expressed his disapproval of the two-party system and characterized his campaign as a significant event within a broader movement. As the third fundraising quarter comes to a close this month, he has made a request for donations. 

Despite denying any intention to siphon Biden voters, Mr. West's actions this week seem to contradict his statement. He arrived at the United Auto Workers picket line in Tappan, New York before the president, holding a "on strike" sign and standing alongside UAW Local 3039 workers. 

The individual expressed their motivation for their actions, stating that it revolves around combating corporate greed, upholding human dignity, and promoting solidarity. They proceeded to position themselves by the roadside, waving a sign at passing vehicles. 

On Wednesday, Mr. Biden made a visit to a UAW picket line in Michigan. During his visit, he addressed the workers through a bullhorn, expressing his belief that they are deserving of a substantial raise and additional benefits.

Tim Black, a renowned political commentator hailing from Waldorf, Maryland, has made a significant decision regarding his voting preferences. Specifically, he has chosen to abstain from supporting Democratic presidential candidates in the general election subsequent to the departure of President Obama from office. This decision has been influenced by his dedication to addressing and highlighting issues that directly impact the Black American community, as evident in his weekly podcast. In the previous two elections, Mr. Black exercised his voting rights by supporting the candidates from the Green Party. However, he has now shifted his allegiance and is wholeheartedly endorsing Mr. West's campaign. 

“My support for Dr. West is based on me knowing his political stances and knowing that he’s anti-war, he’s into ending mass incarceration, environmental justice. Mr. Black expressed his enthusiasm for a wide range of topics.

While Democratic Party officials aren’t panicking about Mr. West, some longtime operatives warn they should start paying closer attention to his third-party campaign or risk a repeat of 2016, when Green Party candidate Jill Stein drew enough support away from Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton to give Mr. Trump the edge in several swing states.

The Green Party, Democratic strategist and former Obama adviser David Axelrod said, played an “outsized” role in Mr. Trump’s 2016 victory, although Ms. Stein and others have disputed the claim. 

“Now with Cornel West as [their] likely nominee, they could easily do it again,” Mr. Axelrod warned in a post on X. “Risky business.”

The third-party threat to Mr. Biden could be offset, Mr. Faucheux said, “If there is a third-party candidate taking away votes from the right side of the spectrum.”

Mr. Faucheux said current Democratic presidential candidate Robert Kennedy, who campaigns on a mix of liberal and populist policies, could pose a threat to Mr. Trump. 

A potentially more significant challenge to both candidates could develop if the bipartisan group No Labels launches a “unity ticket.”

No Labels has gained ballot access in 10 states, most recently in the swing state of Arizona. It is on track to be on the ballot in 28 states by the end of the year. 

The group’s polling indicates voters in both parties are yearning for a “moderate independent” party ticket in 2024. 

Sen. Joe Manchin III, a West Virginia Democrat who has clashed with the party and Mr. Biden, hasn’t ruled out running and in July headlined a No Labels event in Manchester, New Hampshire, alongside former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, a Republican.


Niko House, a West supporter and Miami-based political podcaster who has worked for the presidential campaigns of Ms. Stein and Democrat Sen. Bernard Sanders, said a certain faction of Democratic voters are so frustrated with the party’s nominating system and the Biden administration, that they’ll vote for Mr. West just to thwart another Biden presidency.

Mr. West, he said, could draw support from Democratic voters frustrated with Mrs. Clinton’s 2016 primary win over Mr. Sanders, a socialist, as well as those who now back Mr. Kennedy’s uphill presidential campaign, which has attacked the Biden administration over COVID mandates, Ukraine war funding and efforts to censor social media. 

“I believe that he has a shot to garner a larger percentage of votes than any other third-party candidate has in the past,” Mr. House said of Mr. West. “I think that people are just that fed up.”


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