President Biden's Response to Impeachment Inquiry Leaves Reporters Curious: "Lots of Luck"

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 09/18/2023
President Joe Biden responded to the impeachment inquiry initiated by House Republicans with a smiling and sarcastic reaction.

On Sunday, as President Biden made his way back to the White House after a weekend spent in Wilmington, Delaware, reporters eagerly sought to obtain answers by shouting questions at him. One individual inquired about the response of the recipient to the initiation of an impeachment inquiry by Republicans.

After bidding farewell to the individuals, President Biden displayed a cheerful expression, accompanied by a grin, as he extended his well-wishes by saying "lots of luck." Subsequently, he proceeded to make his way back into the White House premises.

The impeachment inquiry is a continuation of the House's ongoing investigations regarding potential criminal misconduct by the president in relation to his family's business activities abroad. Following House Speaker Kevin McCarthy's endorsement of the inquiry, the White House swiftly adopted an assertive stance, vehemently refuting any claims of concrete evidence against the president.


Biden has generally chosen to remain relatively silent regarding the inquiry. However, he did make a statement last week in which he attributed the inquiry to the House GOP's threats of a government shutdown.

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