German Ambassador Summoned After Foreign Minister Criticizes China's President as "Dictator"

The Chinese government called upon the German ambassador to express their disapproval of German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock's characterization of President Xi Jinping as a dictator during her appearance on American television.

On Monday evening, the German Foreign Office in Berlin confirmed that Ambassador Patricia Flor had been summoned for a meeting on Sunday.

On September 14, Baerbock, who was in Texas at the time, discussed Russia's conflict in Ukraine and shared her thoughts on Russian President Vladimir Putin during an interview with US network Fox News. The individual in question expressed curiosity about the potential implications of a victory by Putin in the ongoing conflict. Specifically, they pondered what message such an outcome might convey to other authoritarian leaders, such as Xi, the president of China.

Baerbock emphasized the importance of Ukraine emerging victorious in this conflict. In order to ensure the triumph of freedom and democracy, it is imperative that they emerge victorious.

In Beijing on Monday, Mao Ning, a spokeswoman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, expressed her views on the matter, describing the remarks as "extremely absurd" and emphasizing that they seriously undermine China's political dignity. She further characterized them as an overt political provocation.

China expressed its disagreement with Baerbock's remarks about Xi, and subsequently initiated diplomatic communication with Germany to discuss the matter.

During discussions held at the United Nations in New York, Baerbock was questioned about the incident and her response was limited to acknowledging that she had observed Beijing's reaction.

When questioned by reporters, she declined to provide further elaboration or comment on the matter.

In a significant development this summer, the German government unveiled its inaugural China strategy document, outlining a comprehensive plan to decrease Germany's reliance on China.


The German government has expressed its reluctance to sever ties with China, the world's second-largest economy, as it plays a crucial role in Germany's export-driven economy.

The new China strategy implemented by Germany has been deemed "counterproductive" by China's Foreign Ministry.


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